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Innovative Well Design.

The era of 'easy oil' has passed. The advent of deepwater drilling, the need for economic exploitation of unconventional reservoirs and development of mature oil fields requires innovative techniques and solutions.

Blade Energy Partners is an independent consulting company that focuses on resolving the challenges of complex projects in the energy industry. We provide leading-edge expertise to solve drilling, completion, production, reservoir and pipeline challenges. We work from an Operator’s perspective, with the sole objective of safely and efficiently maximizing our client’s return on reserves and assets. Since its creation over ten years ago, Blade has collaborated on a wide variety of engineering, research, and development projects in several sectors of the oil and gas and geothermal industries.

Blade comprises over 70 engineers, scientists, and project managers. Sixty percent of our staff possess advanced degrees and of those, twenty percent hold doctoral degrees in applied science or engineering. Blade engineers are highly experienced, with, on average, 20+ years in the industry, serving major operating and service companies.

We are engineers, scientists, and project managers with an abiding passion for tackling and resolving special problems in drilling and production.

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