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Engineering Services & Operations Support

Blade Energy Partners provides a complete range of annular pressure control services including Underbalanced Drilling (UBD), Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) and Mud Cap Drilling. Quantification of the benefits of managed pressure drilling is a particular focus and expertise of Blade.

Evaluating. Planning. Executing.

Our unparalleled managed pressure drilling engineering services cover a broad spectrum, starting from candidate selection and conceptualization, through planning and detailed engineering, to execution managed pressure and mud cap drilling projects.

We offer comprehensive managed pressure drilling training programs, in English and Spanish lanugage which include basic or advanced levels, as well as on-site personnel training. Our core services are:

    • Managed Pressure Drilling candidate screening and evaluation
    • Managed Pressure Drilling well design and engineering
    • Managed Pressure Drilling Project management
    • Managed Pressure Drilling well control
    • Site supervision during Managed Pressure Drilling operations
    • Managed Pressure Drilling Project auditing/peer review
We offer indepent and objective evaluation of Managed Pressure Drilling candidates. Our highly experienced Managed Pressure Drilling engineers and operational staff provide unmatched expertise and benefits to our clients.

More information on UBD & MPD and our approach in engineering UBD projects can be obtained by downloading our Bladecast. A whitepaper on pressure control drilling techniques can be found here.

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