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Martin Culen to serve on SPE Forum Series Steering Committee

Martin Culen will serve on the Steering Committee for the 2011 SPE Forum Series on Designer Wells for Extreme Well Architecture

The Forum is scheduled for 15 - 20 May 2011 in Dubai, UAE.

SPE Forum Series On Designer Wells for Extreme Well Architecture

A major increase in the contact area between the wellbore and the reservoir is required to improve the economics of hydrocarbon production, including the use of extreme well architecture that includes the use of multi-laterals and horizontal wells with multiple hydraulic fractures.

Two central elements in improving hydrocarbon recovery are increased contact between the reservoir and the well conduit for flow to the surface, and more active & intelligent management of the contact with the formation. Both of these elements are embodied in the concept of Extreme Reservoir Contact (ERC), which integrates the use of ever more complex well geometries with data acquisition and flow control in real time. The objectives are to substantially
enhance oil recovery from the reservoir, increase sweep efficiency, decrease overall water production, increase reservoir knowledge and lower the overall operational costs.

ERC wells are intelligent multilateral wells that do not require individual control lines from the wellhead to each lateral or zone, and therefore theoretically allow an unlimited number of intelligent laterals.

The forum addresses a number of existing and foreseen challenges in the implementation of the ERC concept. What is the optimum architecture for wells with multiple branches that would drain reservoirs with different fluid characteristics? What is the most efficient way of communication between the surface control system and an increasingly complex environment with numerous sensors and control elements? Hydraulic or wireless? What is the future of downhole power generation? How will access to individual branches be enabled for clean-up and stimulation? What specific challenges are related to subsea?

Who should attend?
The Forum is a limited attendance meeting for up to 75 people, whose principal job falls into any of the following categories:
Geoscientists and Geoscience Managers, Reservoir Engineers and Managers
Well Engineers and Managers, Petroleum Engineers and Managers,
Production Engineers and Managers Asset and Business Managers
Technology suppliers.

To attend the forum, please sign up on the SPE website,

S. F. (Buck) Dear

Buck has over 38 years of domestic and international experience focused mainly on providing solutions to drilling fluids related problems and reducing costs. He spent 9 years with a large drilling fluids and solids control company in drilling fluids research and applied engineering. Buck subsequently spent 25 years with a major oil and gas company bringing drilling fluids technology into drilling operations both on-site and through teaching courses. He has been involved with practically all types of wells, but has focused mainly on horizontal, deepwater, extended reach, and HPHT wells in worldwide offshore environments. His experience is current as he continues to advise operators with their on-going operations.

Buck has a degree in Chemical Engineering, and has written numerous papers for SPE/IADC. Besides teaching courses in drilling fluids related topics, he has attended drilling engineering courses in all phases of drilling engineering. He specializes in integrating drilling fluids into cost effective drilling programs.

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