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Advanced Casing & Tubing Design

This unique course is the first to address advanced concepts and issues common to HPHT, deepwater, extended-reach, and other critical wells. Participants learn how to use state-of-the-art tools to develop non-traditional, reliability-based casing designs. The course reviews significant changes to API Bulletin 5C3 and ISO/TR 10400 well design specifications, which now use new limit-state, probabilistic methods to determine pipe performance properties, instead of the deterministic methods that have previously been used. Blade’s new reliability-based design tools are fully aligned with these new API and ISO methods.

Who Should Attend
This course targets well design engineers and engineers with special interest in critical well design.

Training Testimonials
"This course gave me whole idea and concept behind well design starting from basic to complex well design. After this course I can confidently look forward to design a well.""A whole view on the latest trends and design factors for well design. A very strong and clear concept of the basics and many aspects necessary for modern well design that were not considered before.""Vision and notion (very good notions) about what’s happening out there (other operators) How to approach the market and about what materials that I have, it will change the way we work."

What You Will Learn
You will learn to apply advanced strength theories in casing and tubing design, including:

    • API Bulletin 5C3 and ISO/TR 10400 limit states
    • API Bulletin 5C3 and ISO/TR 10400 probabilistic performance properties and strength considerations in design
    • Reliability-based design and Quantitative Risk Analysis applied to design
    • Design and selection of connections with emphasis on the
    • ISO13679 approach to connection limits
    • Materials selection and fracture mechanics criteria for sour design (including ISO/TR 10400 sour limits)
    • Special problems in casing design, including buckling, thermal effects, annular pressure build-up, wellhead movement, casing wear, thermal cyclic service, subsidence, and more
    • Use of standard casing design programs to address advanced casing design problems
    • Development of designs based on a quantifiable probability of failure instead of traditional safety factors, which typically provide little insight into a design's reliability

Customizing this Course
This course can also be customized to meet client needs for in-house training.

Please contact for additional details.

Scheduled Course Dates

Jul 24-28, 2017 - Calgary, Canada Register
Sep 11-15, 2017 - Houston, Texas Register
Nov 12-16, 2017 - Dubai, United Arab Emirates Register

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