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Biographies of Key Technologists

Our team is composed of professionals who are recognized worldwide for their dedication to create and capture value through technology in the Petroleum Exploration and Production industry. Our experts utilize an integrated team approach, with the sole objective of maximizing our client's return on reserves and assets.

Please click on the names below to know more about our subsurface team:

Area of Expertise
Years Experience
David BehrmanGeophysicistField Survey Design & Quality Control
George OommenPetroleum EngineerWell Engineering
Gloria EisenstadtRock PhysicsStructural Interpretation
Greg AsherProduction EngineerPressure Transient Design/Analysis, IPM
Hong ChanReservoir EngineerReservoir Simulation, Refinery Blending
Hooman LaaliProduction GeologistGeomodeling
Ismail CeyhanMechanical EngineerReservoir & Well Engineering
Jim WallacePetrophysicistFormation Evaluation
John SharryGeologistG&G Interpretation
Marie NaklieChemical EngineerProcess Engineering & Design
Mark PoweskiPetrophysicistFormation Evaluation
Nazia SiddiquiReservoir EngineerReservoir Engineering
Parveen SachdevaMechanical EngineerWell Engineering
Paul CunninghamGeophysicistSeismic Survey Design & Acquisition
Randy HazlettFormation EvaluationPVT, RCA / SCAL
Robert BorgerExploration GeophysicistStructural Mapping
Sharat ChandrasekharDrilling EngineerHPHT Critical Well Design, Thermal Modeling
Sriram VasantharajanField DevelopmentIntegrated Studies, Optimization
Suri SuryanarayanaWell EngineerComplex Well Design, Formation Damage
Zhan WuPetroleum EngineerReservoir Engineering

David Behrman
David is a geophysicist with over 30 years of international experience in 2D and 3D seismic acquisition survey design, project management, on-site quality control, field processing and imaging. He is an expert in geophysical software systems with emphasis on field applications. Projects include clastic, carbonate, sub-salt plays, and structurally complex, seismically hard-to-image areas in Peru, Algeria, Colombia, Egypt, Kazakhstan, and North America. He can recognize and capitalize on opportunities for data improvement, cost reduction and time savings. Earlier, David worked for Mobil as technical team leader, managing geophysicists responsible for coordinating and providing survey design, contract bid evaluation, real-time seismic data QC. He holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from University of Houston.

George Oommen
George is a petroleum engineer with 6 years experience in reservoir and well engineering. Since joining Blade, George worked in reservoir simulation, well test interpretation, and UBD engineering. Prior to Blade, George worked as a Project Support Engineer at Al Mansoori Production Services for their UBD Division. He has been involved in projects for ONGC in the development of Coal Bed Methane (CBM) blocks. In Blade, George has conducted UBD pre-screening and reservoir valuation projects for various clients around the globe. He has also completed Technical Feasibility Studies for UBD and MPD applications and engineering studies for Extended Reach Wells. George holds a B.Tech degree in Mechanical Engineering from TKM College of Engineering, India and an MSc degree in Petroleum Engineering from Heriot Watt University, UK. He is currently serving as Blade’s Regional Representative, South Asia.
Dr. Gloria Eisenstadt
Gloria has over 20 years of experience in structural geology, specializing in complex structural interpretation and analysis of 2D and 3D seismic data. She has expertise in cross-section restoration, map analysis, and regional tectonic interpretation. Gloria’s global exposure includes projects in Algeria, China, Venezuela, offshore Brazil, Ghana, and Gulf of Mexico, covering gravity system and passive margins, inversion structures, salt and shale tectonics, and thrust belts. She has developed and taught courses in structural geology and seismic interpretation. Her work experience includes a successful career as a research scientist and consultant for Mobil Oil’s world-wide exploration and production projects. Since 2000, Gloria has also served as an adjunct professor at the University of Texas at Arlington. She has authored more than 25 publications, abstracts, and technical memorandums. Gloria holds a MA in Geology from Temple University and a PhD in Geology from John’s Hopkins University.
Dr. Greg Asher
Greg has over 20 years experience in reservoir and production engineering. He is an expert in pressure transient analysis and design, nodal analysis with network modeling, and artificial lift technologies. He has developed integrated asset models for several oil and gas majors, and implemented real-time system to optimize settings for chokes, downhole press, gas-lift, operating condition, PVT, and rate with phase matching. He is an experienced user of Kappa Engineering’s Ecrin suite with emphasis on Saphir and of Petroleum Experts IPM plus IFM Suite. He has worked effectively as a facilitator between engineering and IT staff for project definition and implementation for real-tile gas-lift optimization and integrated network modeling applications. He has deep knowledge of system design for well surveillance. Greg holds a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines.
Dr. Hong Chan
Hong has 23 years of experience in the petroleum industry split evenly between the upstream and downstream side of the business. His strength is in reservoir simulation, mathematical modeling and software development. He started his career at Mobil developing its reservoir simulator with focus on modeling naturally fractured reservoirs and integrating reservoirs with their pipeline gathering system and processing facilities. He has performed integrated reservoir studies on Mobil’s fields. He has also helped Mobil develop its upstream optimization technology to better manage capital deployment. Hong then went downstream where he applied his optimization skills to build refinery planning, scheduling and blending software. Hong holds a PhD in chemical engineering from Cal Tech.
Hooman Laali
Hooman has over 30 years of broad geoscience and related integrated oil field development experience. His areas of expertise include field development and production optimization, integrated reservoir studies, 3D geocellular static modeling for reservoir simulation (using Petrel software), carbonate and clastic reservoir geology and reservoir quality, well trajectory design and wellsite operations. Prior to Blade, Hooman was manager of oil field development at Qatar Petroleum for 4 years. Earlier, Hooman spent 20 years with Mobil Oil, serving in both E & P Technical Services and R&D. He contributed to several integrated field evaluations/studies: North Field, Qatar; Souedie Field, Syria; West Texas Permian Basin; South Texas Stuart City Trend; Amenam/Kpono Field, Nigeria; Tengiz Field, Kazakhstan; Rotliegendes clastics, North Sea; Argentina; Azerbaijan; Vietnam. Hooman holds an MS degree in Geology from the University of Texas at Arlington and a BS in Geology from Baylor University, Texas.
Dr. Ismail Ceyhan
Ismail has over 20 years of broad experience in reservoir, production, and drilling engineering. His expertise is in reservoir simulation and Field Development Planning (FDP). Prior to Blade, Ismail was with ExxonMobil, with responsibility for optimizing development plans for fields through reservoir simulation. He has excellent knowledge of various petroleum engineering software programs, including StressCheck, WellCat, PEEP, GAP, MBAL, and Prosper. He is familiar with Petrel, ArcGIS and Geolog, as well as various FEA programs including ABAQUS and PATRAN. Ismail has extensive experience in scientific and engineering computing and programming, especially with FORTRAN, C++, MathCAD, and Matlab. He is an expert programmer in Excel, Access, Visio, and Visual Basic. Ismail holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and MS and BS degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University.
Jim Wallace
Jim has over 30 years of experience in petrophysical data interpretation, formation evaluation, training, project management, and software development. Earlier, with Mobil Oil, Jim was involved in petrophysical data interpretation for assets worldwide, and developed innovative techniques for interpreting fractured reservoirs. He coordinated and supervised all petrophysical related activities to drilling of rank wildcat wells, including contract design, bidding, and analysis. By using permeability-based capillary pressure water saturation methods, Jim made significant reserve additions to Mobil’s assets. Jim has developed robust, petrophysical equations for parameter estimation for equity, arbitration, and other unitization efforts. He has taught petrophysical training courses to international government officials and senior technical professionals. Jim holds an MBA from Southern Methodist University and a BS degree in Physics from State University College, New York.
Dr. John Sharry
John is a petroleum geologist with over 30 years experience in exploration and production. His expertise includes project management, geologic interpretation and modeling, seismic interpretation, and database creation/management. John has been involved in various large, integrated reservoir studies worldwide, and has taught numerous courses to industry on reservoir characterization, mapping, and directional surveys. John has extensive experience worldwide, including the former Soviet Union, India, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East. Earlier, John worked for Gulf Research & Development Co., and for Oryx Energy/Sun Oil Co., on a wide variety of assignments. John holds a PhD in Geology from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, an MS in Geology from the University of Rochester, and a BA in Geology from Carleton College. John has published numerous papers and articles in professional journals.
Marie Naklie
Marie is chemical engineer with 40 years of international and domestic oil/gas experience in process engineering and facilities design. She is an industry expert in LNG and cryogenic gas processing plants, and led a technical team at Mobil to design a leading edge Floating LNG plant. She has performed feasibility studies and benchmarking studies for onshore and offshore LNG liquefaction plants and LNG import terminals. She has debottlenecked offshore platforms in the North Sea, West Africa, and the Pacific Rim, increasing capacity and optimizing operations, as well as onshore oil and gas facilities. She has also led facility troubleshooting workshops worldwide. Marie holds a B.S. degree in Chemical Engineering from Mississippi State University, and has served as Gas Processors Association (GPA) Technical Committee Chairman and as North Texas GPA Chairman.
Mark Poweski
Mark is an international petrophysical consultant with over 30 years of experience in integrated petrophysical studies, reserve certification, formation evaluation, and operational support. Past efforts include studies of most of the large fields of the world, and includes reservoir description studies, reservoir simulation work, and reserve audits. His additional duties have included reservoir engineering assignments, well testing, contract negotiation, budget and AFE preparation, technology transfer in areas of Petrophysics, core analysis, and development of interpretational software and software training courses. His international experience includes offshore West Africa, Continental USA, Middle East, Caribbean, North Africa, Indonesia, Latin America, and Europe. Mark is a registered Petroleum Engineer. Mark holds a MS in Petroleum Engineering from University of Texas and a BS degree in Electrical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology.
Nazia Siddiqui
Nazia Siddiqui is a reservoir engineer with Blade Energy with over 5 years of work experience in reservoir and production analysis. Her expertise is in Single/Sector/Full-field Reservoir modeling, History matching, Performance forecasting for conventional and unconventional assets, including shale play assessment and thermal recovery of heavy oil. Recently, Nazia conducted reservoir simulation and production sensitivity analysis for optimal design of hydraulic fracturing campaign for ultra-HPHT reservoirs in Gulf of Mexico. As part of this integrated project, the team developed a unique methodology for integrating detailed reservoir simulation with hydraulic fracturing design. Nazia has played a key role in various other sector/full-field thermal simulation studies for mature heavy oil assets in California to improve recovery. She also has experience in decline curve analysis and economic assessment of shale plays in North America for domestic and international operators. Nazia has executed numerous Nodal analysis studies for wells and formations in Gulf of Mexico. Early in her career, Nazia was involved in reservoir pre-screening and evaluation for Underbalanced drilling (UBD), a portfolio of 89 fields (316 formations) for an independent Russian operator. She is an experienced user of CMG (IMEX & STARS), Eclipse (E100, E300, PVTi, Petrel RE, Graf, Grid, Office), tNavigator (RFD), Merlin, Prosper (Petex) and Saphir (Ecrin) software. Nazia holds a BS degree in Chemical Engineering from Mumbai University, India and MS degree in Chemical Engineering from University of Maine, USA.
Dr. Parveen Sachdeva
Parveen has professional experience in fluid flow and heat transfer modeling. His experience is in molecular level simulation, computational fluid dynamics, and thermal modeling and analysis. Since joining Blade, Parveen has worked on the development of a multi-phase, multi-stream thermal-hydraulic model for thermodynamic assurance of a novel geothermal well design. He has been involved in projects for thermal modeling, of steam injection wells, and UBD pre-screening. He is well versed with design software AutoCAD, SolidWorks, and CFD software FLUENT. Parveen has extensive experience in scientific programming using Matlab, C, FORTRAN, and MPI for Parallel Programming. He has co-authored several publications on heat transfer, in nanoparticle colloids, and has taught an aerodynamics course to juniors in college. Parveen received his B.Tech in Aerospace Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, and MS and PhD in Mechanical Engineering from University of Central Florida.
Paul Cunningham
Paul is a geophysicist with 26 years of international experience in project management, acquisition, processing and interpretation of various forms of geophysical data (2D and 3D seismic, VSP, gravity), and implementation of new seismic acquisition technologies. His experience includes projects in Algeria, Egypt, Nigeria, Oman, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Russia, India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Peru, Brazil, Bolivia, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Canada and the U.S. (Alaska, California heavy oil fields, West Texas, South Texas, Oklahoma and southern Louisiana). Paul has MS and BS degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Earth & Planetary Sciences in geophysics. He is an active member of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) and was honored by the SEG in 2004 with a Life Membership.
Dr. Randy Hazlett
Randy has over 26 years of research experience in reservoir engineering, with expertise in IOR and EOR, unconventional oil recovery, special core analysis (2 and 3-phase relative permeability), wettability, and advanced well modeling. He has made significant contributions to areas such as thermal in-situ upgrading, optimal placement of wells for offshore development planning, and determination of productivity index (PI) for complex wells. Randy conducted research in the development of analytic solutions to transport problems with spatially varying properties. He has designed and operated high temperature/pressure laboratory tests utilizing surfactants, foams, and polymer gels for IOR and EOR methods. Randy has over 20 publications and is the holder of twelve U.S. patents. Randy received his PhD, MS, and BS degrees in Chemical Engineering from University of Texas at Austin.
Robert Borger
Bob is a geophysical explorationist, with more than 30 years of experience in broad-cross section of exploration technology: Seismic Interpretation, Gravity & Magnetics, Remote Sensing, Image Processing and Geographic Information Systems. Bob has considerable experience in basins worldwide, including completing large projects in Algeria, Nigeria, Syria, Pakistan, Benin, Ivory Coast, and Equatorial Guinea. Earlier, Bob worked for Mobil Oil as a geophysical advisor, with responsibility for managing the deep water Gulf of Mexico (GOM) team. Bob has expertise in solving problems at all levels of exploration from Regional Geology to Prospect Generation. He is a Texas licensed Professional Geoscientist and a certified Petroleum Geophysicist. Bob holds an MS degree in Exploration Geology from Purdue University, and a BS in Physics from Ohio University.
Dr. Sharat Chandrasekhar
Sharat has 16 years of professional experience as a drilling engineer. He has expertise in finite element analysis, thermal modeling and analysis, including preparation of heat-treatment process instructions, and in planning and implementation of instrumented trials to monitor furnace and metal temperatures during heat-up of pipes and turbine disks. Sharat has considerable skills in data management and analysis, and is an expert programmer in Excel and Visual Basic. He has experience in deepwater and HPHT critical well design using probabilistic methods such as MC, MAIS, FORM, and SORM. He has authored several publications on heat transfer and fluids engineering. Sharat holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Texas A&M University, and an MS in Mechanical Engineering from Arizona State University.
Dr. Sriram Vasantharajan
Sriram has extensive experience in development and application of mathematical optimization technologies and models to improve asset performance and economic value for a wide variety of oil and gas companies. He has over 20 years of industry experience in both the downstream and upstream sectors, which includes distinguished careers at Mobil Oil and at Optimal Decisions. He has significant expertise in process control and real time optimization of refinery and chemical processes. Sriram is the manager of the Sub-surface Engineering division of Blade, which focuses on leading-edge Geophysical services, Geological and Petrophysical services, Reservoir engineering, Production engineering, and Asset optimization to maximize value of assets. He has more than 40 scientific publications in journals, books and proceedings. Sriram holds PhD and MS degrees in Chemical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University.

Dr. Suri Suryanarayana
Suri has over 20 years of professional experience, including an extensive background in tubular mechanics, coiled tubing technology, multiphase flow modeling and probabilistic design (quantitative risk analysis) techniques. He is one of the lead instructors for Blade in its Advanced UBD Well Design and Advanced UBD Flow Modeling courses. Suri has expertise in the design, engineering and implementation of complex UBD projects. Recently, he has been active in reservoir-based probabilistic valuation of UBD and in quantitative assessment of the impact of formation damage during conventional drilling. Suri is one of the founding partners of Blade and manages its Engineering and R&D division. He has authored over 40 scientific papers, several of them in CT technology and UBD, and has served as an SPE Distinguished Lecturer. Suri holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Rice University.

Dr. Zhan Wu
Zhan has 15 years of professional experience in production engineering, reservoir simulation, and reservoir modeling. He has published over 15 papers on reservoir characterization, flow simulation techniques, seismic data inversion, and parameter estimation of inverse problems. He also has served as a faculty of Petroleum University at Beijing in the Petroleum Engineering Department. He has significant experience in development of reservoir simulators and applied reservoir simulation studies. His current focus is in the development of simulation and reservoir-based valuation methods for UBD, and quantitative assessment of formation damage. He holds a PhD in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Tulsa, and MS and BS degrees in Petroleum Engineering from Southwest Petroleum Institute in China.


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