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Risk and Reliability

We provide specialized consulting and training services in risk and reliability.

We promote quantitative risk analysis as an effective tool in ensuring the safe design and the reliable operation of engineering systems. We actively engage in engineering decision-making and optimization with respect to safety, durability, and sustainability. We develop risk-based inspection and maintenance plans.

We aim to provide effective solutions to complex engineering problems involving:

Quantitative Risk Analysis (QRA)
Reliability-Based Design (RBD)
Reliability-Based Inspection (RBI)
probabilistic modelling and statistical analysis
reliability solutions for offshore and arctic structures
uncertainty modelling for spatial and temporal engineering processes
risk-based optimization
stochastic life-cycle optimization
decision-making protocols

Our risk/reliability engineers are actively engaged in leadership positions within standardization organizations such as ISO, API, EC, and CSA and within specialized risk/reliability focus groups such as JCSS, ASME, ASCE, IFED, and IFIP.

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