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Drilling Fluids Management Service

The potential impact of Drilling Fluids on drilling operations and ultimately well costs is enormous. Blade’s approach to Drilling Fluids Management describes a process approach to drilling fluids that adds value to the entire drilling program. It combines fluids selection and formulation control using systems management to maintain optimum fluids properties, minimize volumes and reduce waste streams whilst maximizing value and minimizing costs.

Planning for difficult wells– Input in the planning stage helps avoid problems before they arise during HTHP, Extended Reach, Deepwater, and Managed Pressure Drilling operations
Operations Support – Reviewing daily drilling fluids reports provides independent insight into drilling fluids performance and opportunities for improvements and lower costs
Evaluation of Proposed Drilling Fluids Programs – Independent review of Drilling Fluids Programs in the Planning Stage ensures that Fluids are optimized for the Drilling Program
Review of Problem Wells – Independent review of drilling fluids related problems may result in recommendations for improvements to the drilling fluids program.

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