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Drilling, Completions and Production Engineering

We specialize in finding practicable and viable technical solutions to severe drilling problems. Often the difference between projected and ultimate recovery in a field is the drilling and completion practice. Combining risk-based approaches with rigorous engineering and applying our core skills and experience, we find solutions to problems like wellbore instability, subsidence, massive lost circulation, differential sticking, formation damage, salt and other geomechanical problems. We also offer well construction engineering for sensitive environmental areas where problems become more complex, and therefore, more interesting.

In the course of well design, several enabling technologies emerge as saviors from time to time, such as drill-in liners and foam cementing. Our people have led the development and successful application of such technologies, enabling us to provide engineering, design and implementation services in these and other similar technologies. The key drivers for their consideration and application is the same as in any other activity in which we provide services - should be cost- effective, technically feasible, appropriate, and should improve the chances of achieving well objectives.

We also offer services in the planning, optimization and drilling of extended reach wells. Our background in optimal well path planning, drill string mechanics, wellbore stability, and casing design give us the strength and depth needed to provide this service.

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