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Selected Papers & Publications

Boardman, D., Habib, S., Rumbos, M., and Vasantharajan, S.: “Optimised Field Development Planning in a Complex Geological and PSC Environment”, SPE 115317, 2009.

Biswas, D., Suryanarayana, P.V., Frink, P., Rahman,S.: “An Improved Model to Predict Reservoir Characteristics during Underbalanced Drilling”, SPE 84176, 2003.

Biswas, D., Suryanarayana, P.V.: “Estimating Drilling-Induced Formation Damage Using Reservoir Simulation to Screen Underbalanced Drilling Candidates”, SPE 86465, 2004.

Davidson, I., Elliott, D., Suryanarayana, P.V., Rahman, S.: “Tight Gas Field Exploitation Using Underbalanced Drilling - Options, Risks and Rewards”, Tight Gas Workshop, The Hague, The Netherlands, 2002.

Eisenstadt, G. and Simms, D.: “Understanding deformation patterns from physical models: Do rheological differences matter?”, Journal of Structural Geology, 27, 1399-1412, 2004.

Eisenstadt, G. and Simms, D.: “Evaluating sand and clay models: Do rheological differences matter?”, Journal of Structural Geology, 27, 1399-1412, 2005.

Frink, P.J., Suryanarayana, P.V., Brand, P.R., Wooten, J. E., Romma, J. O.: “Development and Use of an Underbalanced Transient Training Simulator”, IADC Underbalanced Operations Technology Conference and Exhibition, Aberdeen, Scotland, 27-28 Nov., 2001.

Mykytiw, C., Suryanarayana, P.V.,Brand P.R.: “Practical Use of a Multiphase Flow Simulator for Underbalanced Drilling Applications Design-The Tricks of the Trade”, SPE 91598, 2004.

Nieuwesteeg, P., and Vasantharajan, S.: “Efficient Frontier in Investment Portfolio”, INFORMS Conference, Washington DC., October 11, 2008.

Ramalho, J., Wu, Z., Vaidya, R.N., and Suryanarayana, P.V.: ”Quantification of Overbalance-Induced Invasive Damage and the Estimation of Equivalent Skin Effect on Production”, SPE 104467 SPE/IADC Indian Drilling Technology Conference and Exhibition, Mumbai, India, 16-18 Oct. 2006.

Sharry, J., Bonderov, A., Sharma, R., and Greensmyth M.: “Re-surveying of Directional Wells Improves Reservoir Characterization of the Vatyogen Field”, West Siberian Basin, AAPG Regional Conference, St. Petersburg, Russia, July 2001.

Sharry, J.: “The Vatyogan Oil Field”, Western Siberia, International Division of the Dallas Geologic Society, 2000.

Sharry, J.: “GIS Alphabet Soup, A look at DRG, DOG, SID, ECW, GeoTiff and other GIS file types”, Society of Independent Earth Scientists, Fort Worth, TX, 2004.

Suryanarayana, P.V., Rahman,S., Natarajan, R.: “Development of a Probabilistic Model to Estimate Productivity Improvement Due to Underbalanced Drilling”, SPE 81639, 2003.

Suryanarayana, P.V., Wu, Z., Ramalho, J., Himes, R.: “Dynamic Modeling of Invasion Damage and Its Impact on Production in Horizontal Wells”, SPE 95861, 2005. Also published in SPERE.

Suryanarayana, P. V.: “Is Underbalanced Drilling the Right Answer for My Reservoir?”, SPE Distinguished Lecture Series, 2006-2007.

Udoh, E., Vasantharajan, Sampath, K.:“Applications of Strategic Optimization Techniques to Development and Management of Oil and Gas Resources”, SPE 85681, 27th Annual SPE International Technical Conf., Nigeria, August, 2003.

Vasantharajan, S., and Suryanarayana, P. V.: “A Mathematical Optimization Approach to Integrated Field Development and Asset Management”, Petrotech 2009, New Delhi, Paper ID P651, 2009.

Vasantharajan, S., Heinemann, R.F., and Al-Hussainy, R.: “Applying Optimization Technology in Reservoir Management”, Journal of Petroleum Technology, Distinguished Author Series, 2006.

Vasantharajan, S.: “Successive Quadratic Programming: Applications in the Process Industry”, Encyclopedia of Optimization, Kluwer Academic Press, 2002.

Wu, Z., Vaidya, R.N., Suryanarayana, P.V.: “Simulation of Dynamic Filtrate Loss During the Drilling of a Horizontal Well With Fractures and Its Impact on Well Performance”, SPE 110677, 2007.

Wu, Z., and Alpak, F. O., Torres-Verdín, C.: “A Quantitative Study to Assess the Value of Pressure Data Acquired with In-Situ Permanent Sensors in Complex 3D Reservoir Models Subject to Two-Phase Fluid Flow”, SPE 84375, presented at SPE Annual Technical Conf. and Exhibition, 2003.

Wu, Z., Vasantharajan, S., El-Mandouh, M., and Suryanarayana, P. V.: “Inflow Performance of Cyclic Steam Stimulation for Gravity Drainage Reservoir using Horizontal Well”, SPE 127518, 2010.

Ghorbani, D, Blade Energy Partners; Bostan, M. IAU Science & Research; Kharrat, R. Research Centre Lab. “Implementing a Novel Method for Injection Efficiency Optimization in Water Flooding Process: Case Study”

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