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Geosciences & Reservoir Engineering

Blade Energy Partners is a full-spectrum, independent petroleum consultancy that can conduct studies spanning Geophysics, Petrophysics, Geology, Geo-modeling, Reservoir Engineering, Simulation, Facilities Design, Process Engineering, and Economic Evaluation. Our philosophy is to create integrated teams to execute projects that encompass seismic program management, exploration play assessment, field development planning, reservoir management, production analysis, economic evaluation, and corporate asset portfolio optimization. To achieve this, Blade has assembled a global, world-class team of technical specialists with extensive experience in oil and gas field development, geosciences, engineering, and operations.

Seismic Design, Processing and InterpretationPetrophysical Analysis
Unconventional Reservoir EvaluationGeological Modeling
Production Performance AnalysisSpecial Core Analysis/ PVT Analysis
Reservoir SimulationField Development Planning
Reserve EstimationProcess Engineering
Asset Value OptimizationPortfolio Optimization
Enhanced Oil RecoveryHeavy Oil Thermal Simulation
Economic Valuation and Fiscal AnalysisGeothermal Applications
Sand-Free Operating EnvelopesTight Sands Development
Reservoir Valuation for Underbalanced DrillingCO2 Sequestration
LNG Facilities OptimizationFloating Production Systems

Blade’s project teams are driven to develop and apply the most innovative, cost-effective, safe, and practical solutions to fulfill project goals. They conduct the studies employing state-of-the-art software, leading information technology, and powerful computer systems. Blade’s technical experts have a demonstrated track record of delivering solutions and value to clients from single well extensions to drilling campaigns in giant fields with thousands of wells, from development of conventional oil and gas assets to exploitation strategies for unconventional resources, from scoping level assessment to full feasibility studies, from on-shore fields to ultra-deepwater prospects, from desert conditions to the arctic environment, and from reservoir to export market.

Geosciences & Reservoir Engineering
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