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Introduction to Casing & Tubing Design

This introductory level course explains the fundamentals of casing design. It describes the function of casing and tubing strings and the data needed for a design. It provides a consistent and systematic approach to casing design and covers the applications and limitations of the methods and formulas used.

Who Should Attend
This course is designed for entry-level engineers who need to understand the basics of well design. The course will also benefit staff that are responsible for purchasing or handling oilfield tubulars.

Training Testimonials
"Course is excellent. Enthusiastic and extremely knowledgeable instructors.""I gained a better understanding of load concepts and factors to be aware of in well completions.""It has forced me to think about a lot of things I typically ignored"

What You Will Learn
Participants will learn how to: select sizes and setting depths to achieve well objectives, determine casing loads for design purposes and design casing properties to meet burst, collapse and tensile strength requirements. They will also learn to the basics of casing running operations.

The following material is covered;

    • Function of casing and tubing strings
    • Data needed for a design
    • Uncertainty in data
    • Industry standards, specifications and documentation
    • Casing point selection
    • Casing and tubing design
    • Design approaches and design factors
    • Loads and load assumptions
    • Theories of strength
    • API well design specifications
    • Yield and ultimate strength
    • Failure criteria
    • Connections
    • Special problems like thermal effects, buckling, casing wear, HPHT well design, wellhead growth, reliability based design and annular pressure buildup

Customizing this Course
This course can also be customized to meet client needs for in-house training.

Please contact for course times and costs.

Scheduled Course Dates

Jun 12-16, 2017 - Calgary, Canada Register
Sep 24-28, 2017 - Dubai, United Arab Emirates Register
Oct 30-Nov 3, 2017 - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Register

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