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Thermal Well Design

The main objective of the “Thermal Well Design” course is to provide engineers with a strong and fundamental grounding in the characteristics of thermal wells and the mechanics of tubulars as applied to thermal well design. The focus is design and engineering. As a result, operational aspects are not covered in this course, except in an introductory manner. A separate Thermal Well Operations Course is offered to cover the operational aspects in detail.

  • Some of the key areas covered in this course include:
  • Overview of Heavy Oil Reservoirs and Thermal EOR methods.
  • Failure Criteria and Strength in thermal wells; advanced strength theories including the ISO TR 10400 and API 5C3 limit states
  • Assessment of Casing Loads
  • Design approaches- including standard Working Stress Design, and introduction to Reliability-Based Design
  • Thermal Well Design using Strain-based criteria; the Modified Holliday Approach.
  • Design and selection of connections, with emphasis on ISO 13679 approach to connection limits and including API Connections, Proprietary Connections, ISO13679 - Qualification Process and others)
  • Introduction to Thermal Service Connection Qualifications
  • Fundamentals of high temperature materials selection considerations.
  • Materials selection and fracture mechanics-based criteria for thermal wells
  • (SSC, Cl and CO2 corrosion, Fracture Mechanics Approach)
  • Special problems in casing and tubing design related to thermal effects, wellhead movement, trapped fluid pressure, etc.
  • Torque and drag considerations in horizontal thermal wells. Introduction to tubing design for thermal wells
  • Exercises and solutions; hand calculation and visualization of design loads and strengths, in order to appreciate the physics of the design process

Numerous examples are used to illustrate the design process. Blade provides a suite of spreadsheet tools that will be used in the course. The course can be customized to specific client’s needs and discussion of special problems can be tailored to client requirements.

At the end of the course, engineers should be very familiar with the principles and practice of thermal well design, and be able to apply them in their work.

Please contact for course times and costs.

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